​  ​The possibility of wildfire is an ever-present danger in the Colorado Front Range. One hundred years of fire suppression and grazing have left the forests with vegetation densities 10 to 100 times their historic levels. This, combined with increased residential development and high recreation demands in the mountains has pushed the potential for catastrophic wildfire to crisis levels.**

​    When you buy or build a home in one of the forested areas of Boulder or Gilpin counties, you have accepted the fact that these areas  have poor access, native vegetation, steep slopes and little/no firefighting water supplies. In attempting to prevent a wildfire tragedy, you need to be aware of the hazards that contribute to them.


Wildfire Mitigation

​**The "Cold Springs Fire" of 2016 scorched over 600 acres and took 8 Homes and out buildings.... and the  "Black Tiger Fire", July 9,1989 destroyed 44 homes and structures and blackened over 2000 acres in the western part of Boulder county.

​ **​Improving the health of your forest is crucial to improving the chances of saving your home from a wildfire.

    ​High Timber Firewood & Logging Co. is the original leader in Fire Mitigation work - serving Boulder, Gilpin and Jefferson counties since 1981. "Maximum protection with Minimum impact" is our #1 priority.   High Timber are the experts in creating your wildfire defensible space.

​**"Professional, reliable and locally owned...High Timber Firewood & Logging Co. has served Boulder county landowners for over 30 years. Phil and Jane have provided customized service to every customer on every job. Their business has grown with the growing needs of the forest and it's resources as well"- ​​​Craig Jones - Colorado State Forest Service

​** "​The defensible space work completed by High Timber Firewood    & Logging has greatly improved the safety of my property and surrounding forest. High Timber did an excellent job providing maximum protection with minimum impact. I wouldn't consider using any other company"​- Joan Mathews, Magnolia property owner

  • ​30 Plus years of fire & forestry background
  • ​Certified training through the Colorado State Forest Service
  • ​Friendly, knowledgable, experienced crew
  • ​Fully equipped - skidder, chipper, rubber track Bobcat, truck fleet, etc...
  • Licensed, insured & many local references
  • ​Free estimates & senior discounts